Sagewise Prepaid VISA Card

The Sagewise Capital Visa Card is your ultimate financial companion. Seamlessly integrated with our other amazing products, this futuristic card empowers you to manage your budget effortlessly, and securely.

limitless Possibilities with the sagewise visa card


build credit

set-up autopayment


avoid overspending

Global Acceptance


*No Credit Check

Gift giving

Control work expenses

Do more with the Sagewise VISA Card

Give as A gift

If you are a Business, you can give this Sagewise prepaid card as a gift or to manage company expenses.

New To Canada

Sagewise prepaid Visa card can serve as a valuable financial tool for newcomers to Canada, offering convenience, flexibility, and security as they navigate their transition to a new country.

the credit Builder

Having a positive credit history can make it easier to qualify for other types of credit in the future and get the best rates for loans or mortgages. with the Sagewise visa you can add on the credit builder feature to help improve your creditworthiness.

Equity Take Out

Sagewise Home Equity Prepaid Visa Card can be a convenient and flexible financial tool for homeowners, offering access to home equity funds while providing control, security, and potential rewards or benefits.


Sagewise prepaid card can help you gain greater control over expenses during renovation projects, resulting in a more efficient and successful project.

For Students

Sagewise prepaid Visa card can be a valuable financial tool for students, offering budgeting assistance, security, convenience, and flexibility in managing their finances during their academic journey.

Effortlessly Take control your sagewise VISA Card

The Sagewise Visa card provides features for streamlining expenses and managing add-ons, it can be a valuable financial tool for individuals or businesses looking to simplify expense management, customize their card benefits, and optimize their spending habits.

Prepaid at its best

Minimum Load
Set-up Now
  • Budgeting Made Easy
  • Security
  • Global Acceptance
  • Online Shopping
  • Control and Monitoring
  • No Credit Check


Starting at
You can add the following benefits
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  • The Credit builder
  • GMS TravelStar® travel plans
  • GMS Individual Health plans
  • GMS Visitors to Canada plans
  • Rewards

Experience the Sagewise Difference

FeaturesPrepaid CardCredit CardDebit Card
Credit CheckNo Usually requiredNo
Credit LimitLimited to loaded fundsAssigned by issuer Limited to ready funds
Payment MethodPrepaid balanceLine of creditlinked to bank account
ReloadableYes, optionalYesNo
FeesActivation, Reload, ATMAnnual fee, InterestOverdraft, ATM
Liability for FraudLimitedLimitedLimited
Interest ChargesNoneYes, if not paidNone
Usage RestrictionsLimited to loaded fundsCredit limitLimited by ready funds
the credit builder
Access Home Equity
TravelStar® InsuranceDepends
Sole Health InsuranceDepends
 Visitors to Canada Insurance