About Sagewise Capital

Sagewise Capital Corporation is a trusted and reputable licensed Mortgage Administrator specializing in tailored mortgage investment management. Sagewise Capital was established in Mississauga, Ontario, by founder and CEO Dr. Abraham King, who seized the opportunity to help investors navigate the Canadian mortgage landscape. Dr. King positioned Sagewise Capital as the go-to partner for mortgage brokers, lenders and investors seeking a team of experienced professionals to manage the full spectrum of their mortgage investments from loan origination, underwriting, servicing and enforcement.

Since 2015, Sagewise Capital has been delivering results and meeting investment return objectives for all its investor/lender partners.

Provide Seamless end-to-end Management

We take pride in offering a hassle-free experience to investors/lenders. With comprehensive management and oversight throughout the mortgage investment process, from loan origination to servicing.

Deliver Unmatched Expertise and Personalized Service

Our experienced professionals aim to deliver unparalleled expertise and customized service.

Maximize Returns and
Mitigate Risks

We are committed to optimizing our lenders' return on investment while minimizing potential risks. Our mission is to conduct thorough analysis, rigorous risk assessment, and ongoing monitoring.

The Vision

Sagewise Capital aims to become the leading mortgage investment manager by providing exceptional lending management solutions that support and empower investors and lenders.

Sagewise Capital Corporation

mortgage investment manager


Our commitment to transparent and frequent lender communication.


We provide a hands off approach to Lenders & Investors when needed.


Our expertise in the knowledge of the regulatory and market landscape in the mortgage space.


Our cutting-edge technology and software solutions that enhance efficiency and accuracy.

What We Do Better

Sagewise Capital Corporation differs from other mortgage administration and brokerage firms because we provide a customized approach to client service and relationship management.

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